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Fortune 500 employee engagement survey Many of the current top Fortune 500 companies have used our unique behavioral analytics technology to understand what matters most in their businesses.

The only HR survey software solution featuring academically validated and proven behavioral analytics technology

The unique behavioral analytics technology found inside our HR survey software is proven with the world’s largest commercial organizations and academically validated to be 35% to 52% more accurate in understanding what matters most than its closest competitors.


Imagine if you could cut through all the usual employee survey questions to discover what really matters to your employees, their underlying wants and asks from your organization?

A way of asking that cuts through hypocrisy and bias found in the usual employee satisfaction surveys.

Not only that imagine if you could quantify these underlying wants and needs to understand what really matters to each location, department, even each individual when it comes to them being more satisfied?

If this feels like a superpower… it is! And it’s in your hands now with PxidaTX, a new type of survey tool featuring our proven behavioral analytics technology.


PxidaTX customers see results like these:

AS likes employee engagement survey tools" Since COVID we were aware things had changed for our talent and they were re-evaluating many aspects of their lives. We knew that we’d not really got our finger on the pulse of what mattered to them anymore and working from home was another potential disconnection. PxidaTX enabled us to understand what was most important to them now in different areas of our business and develop more effective messaging to improve engagement. "

 Co-Founder -  Fintech

Before we started using PxidaTX we’d tried lots of employee engagement tools promising ‘actionable insight’ but actually we found we could do very little with eNPS scores and vague industry comparisons. With PxidaTX we were able to base our decisions on what mattered most to our employees in our business not vague sector averages "

Innovation Director - CPG

MJ likes employee engagement survey tool" What I liked best about PxidaTX was the speed at which I could create new surveys at any stage of the employee lifecycle and schedule them very easily across the business. The templates provided are very quick and easy to adapt which is sometimes a problem with other software. "

 Head of HR  - Telecommunications

" I’ve tried many employee engagement survey solutions over the years but PxidaTX surprised me. It delivered very clear indicators of the areas where we needed to improve in the eyes of our employees. This was spelled out and we acted upon it to see a definite improvement in morale and engagement. "

 Chief of Staff  - Marketing & PR

Trusted by global organisations PxidaTX drives value by understanding the deep motivations of your employees

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