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Imagine the power of understanding, not just how your employees perform, but how they also think of your organization in a way that enables you to focus on what’s most important, to retain and educate your top talent pool.

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Save time with PxidaTX’s advanced employee survey tool

With other employee engagement survey tools you can often spend hours adapting their generic surveys to something you hope will be well received by your customers. With PxidaTX™ you will instead be selecting from a vast library of highly customized surveys and utilizing an advanced, but easy to understand, analysis dashboard.

Our surveys and analysis have been developed over thousands of hours by research and data science experts who continuously work with global brands and Fortune 500 companies within our wider technology and research business.

Gain a competitive advantage with custom insights

Other employee survey tools and survey platforms can tell you how satisfied your employees are but PxidaTX™ goes much further. It will show you what elements your organization needs to focus on to stay ahead of your competitors in retaining talent, how performance is mapped to what matters to employees and what key actions need to be taken to ensure employees remain loyal.

Encourage more employees to complete your surveys

PxidaTX™ surveys are more relevant than others because they are tailored to your employees by market research experts asking only about those areas, we know are important in organization. Our surveys are intuitive and easy for your employees to complete.

They are designed to work perfectly on smartphones, tablets or computers and are the correct length to optimize both response rate but still gather detailed understanding. PxidaTX™ surveys can be deployed by email, social media or a link on your website.


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PxidaTX™ operates on advanced technology that intelligently compiles your employee survey data and transforms it into clear, actionable recommendations that will impact your employee engagement, recruitment and retention.

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Trusted by global organisations PxidaTX drives value by understanding the deep motivations of your employees

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