How do I make add conditional logic to my survey? / How do I make my survey skip to a different question based on the answer an employee provides to my last question?


You can add conditional logic to your survey so that, dependent on the answer your employee provides, you can skip to another part of the survey and avoid asking them irrelevant questions. To add conditional logic to a question, select the grey path icon on the question you wish to add logic to. This opens the conditional logic window where you can add the action logic, the answer or value you want the logic to apply to and the target question to skip to if this condition is met. An example of conditional logic could be “Question” = What team are you in?, “Question Type” = Radio Button, “Action” = equals, “Answer” = Sales, Target Question = 20 (Sales related questions). This would take the employee to Question 20 about customers if they answered that they work in Sales. When you have added your logic click on the green “Save” button.