How PxidaTX™ works

Using customizable employee survey templates, PxidaTX™ allows you to easily build your employee surveys and then email them to your team. Through advanced technology, PxidaTX™ compiles your survey data for you. View your results on its powerful, live analytics dashboard, and then get recommendations for your team. It’s that easy!

Powerful survey templates

Through behavioral and cognitive analytics, our Employee Engagement Survey templates ask carefully constructed questions to gauge your employees’ thoughts and feelings about accountability, development opportunities, diversity, communication, work-life balance, teamwork, career growth, compensation, benefits, senior management, company culture, communication and much more. Compare these attributes and add unique questions of your own to delve deeper and gain even more insight.

PxidaTX simplifies the survey building process with ready-built surveys, asking the right questions for your business. It outperforms other survey platforms with its built-in advanced analytics dashboard delivering clear direction and truly actionable insight. With PxidaTX, collecting employee feedback is easier and more useful.


Focus on your employees

Using the most advanced and academically proven behavioral analytics algorithms, PxidaTX is able to understand and quantify in detail what really matters to your workforce in different geographic locations, right down to the departments or even individual respondents where required. This enables you to prioritize and make informed decisions that will have the greatest impact on your employees’ satisfaction and your business.

Our analysis engine looks at your employee survey responses in detail to make optimal, actionable insights and recommendations for improving  employee experience. View your data on a live dashboard with real-time analytics, not just the usual charts of survey responses, but also, understand how your employees feel about your business, and what matters to them most.

Smart crafted

Our adaptable surveys are designed by psychology and data science experts who continuously work with global brands and Fortune 500 companies within our wider technology and research business. Together, they and our technology team have developed a powerful survey platform that takes the pain out of building your surveys. It asks the right questions, engages your employees to ensure high completion rate and gives you insightful answers and recommendations leading to improved loyalty and retention rates.



Will employees complete my survey?

  • Expert designed templates encourage completion with proven engaging questions.
  • To remove completion barriers, surveys may be sent out either as anonymous to guarantee employee confidentiality or with employee identified according to preference and the nature of the survey.
  • We provide the highest levels of confidentiality and security. Your employee information is securely stored in our SOC 2 accredited data centers which adhere to security and technical best practices.


Trusted by global organisations PxidaTX drives value by understanding the deep motivations of your employees

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